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Guerrilla Translation is a P2P translation collective and cooperative founded in Spain. Our group is a small but international set of avid readers, content curators and social/environmental issue-focused people who love to translate and love to share. We are not volunteers, but rather are building our own innovative cooperative business model which “walks the talk” of much contemporary writing on the new economy and its power to change.

The longer story:

Inspired by a love of sharing, Guerrilla Translation facilitates access to valuable ideas in uncertain times.

Guerrilla Translation is a collaborative hub for authors and translators to network and share stimulating ideas internationally. Our aim is to model a cooperative form of global idea-sharing, by enabling a platform and method for opening dialogues.

Although GT offers the same range of services as a traditional translation agency, it is anything but. Material is chosen for translation according to its social and environmental value, not its profit potential. We are a P2P service, in which our authors, rather than clients, are partners in an ongoing creative process. GT also acts as a curator of written and visual content through its blog, social media and video channels. Our founding principles can be read here.

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