Leónidas Martín

Leonidas Martín teaches A/V, New Technologies and Political Art in the Universidad de Barcelona (U.B.), and the Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDI).

All the projects and movements he’s been involved with are as well known among the international art crowd as they are within down and dirty activist circles (Las Agencias, Yomango, Pret a Revolter, New Kids on the Black Block, V de Vivienda, etc.) He regularly contributes writing on art and politics to culture blogs, magazines and newspapers. As a filmmaker, he’s authored documentaries and films for various TV channels. He’s also a member of the agit-culture group Colectivo Enmedio.

Leonidas is also a scriptwriter and a master at the noble art of telling jokes. By his own estimation, this divine gift has been “…put to the test thousands of times, whether to get free beer or escape arrest. I’ll confess, I’ve failed at times, and I’ve lost some friends along the way, but in general I tend to get away with it, and that’s no joke.”

He says if you stumble across his webpage and emerge “stronger, happier, and driven to take the reins of your life”, then for him it’s “mission accomplished”.


Leónidas Martín in Guerrilla Translation